International Therapy Dog Association 国際セラピードッグ協会ロゴ

Privacy Policy

International Therapy Dog Association (ITDA) recognizes its responsibility in protecting all Personal Information we may obtain in the course of the Association’s activities. In order to do so, we will not only observe by the laws and regulations stipulated in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information but also the more strict measures we have set up to do so.
We consider personal information gathered in the course of our activities being essential to further improve our Association and its activities, and therefore safe guarding of such information being of utmost importance to us. We hereby promise that all personal information will be securely managed and properly used in accordance with the
guidelines set below.

  1. ITDA shall only handle personal information after the purpose of its usage has been clearly specified.
  2. Only personal information relevant to the continuity and provision of our activities shall be collected.
  3. ITDA shall inform the individual in advance as to the purpose of collecting the personal information and shall do so only after the individual’s consent.
  4. Personal information shall only be used within in the scope specified in advance and agreed by the individual.
  5. All necessary and relevant precautions shall be taken to prevent unauthorized access to, loss of, destruction of, modification of or leakage of the personal information.
  6. A person responsible for the management of personal information protection shall be assigned to ensure that all necessary laws, regulations, guidelines and others are observed.
  7. Personal information shall be not be disclosed to any third party without prior consent except when required by law or in consideration for greater safety and protection of public and its assets.
  8. We shall strive to keep the personal information updated.
  9. The content of this policy shall be reviewed regularly to further improve the content.